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From the desk of:

Danyel Degenhardt,
Rethink Pain Workshop

Dear Reader,

Do you want a self management tool that reduces pain and allows you to thrive with your health condition?

Not just get by, but truly master the pain and feelings you have? The best way to do that is to commit to learning and developing pain management skills from experts. Learning from someone who understands the science of pain, and who has lived through painful experiences themselves and came out the other side stronger for it.

Living with melorheostosis and haemochromatosis, I know how pain can impact all areas of your life.

The tools and techniques that worked for me, I then used with my physiotherapy patients. What worked for my patients, I put together to create my Rethink Pain Workshop.

What you'll find when you attend the Rethink Pain Workshop is the most high quality, evidence based self management tool from the best of what has helped me and my patients.

The Rethink Pain Workshop is an engaging two hour workshop where you will learn one simple self management tool, and receive handouts to continue your learning at home.

The self management tool you'll learn is The Pain Game.

The Pain Game: Pause, Assess, Improve, Nourish

I'm confident this simple game can change your life. All of that is clearly explained on this page.

I've created something that's not rocket science. It's simply a way to Rethink your experience of pain and give you a a self management tool that stops pain when it happens.

When you have pain as a result of a condition or injury, it can affect you differently than pain from something like a simple ankle sprain. The content in this workshop can help you reduce flare-ups, decrease pain as it happens. I only ask for a Koha or donation so anyone in our Whakatane Community can receive this potentially life changing education.

Here's Everything You'll Experience at the Whakatane Rethink Pain Workshop

With activities, discussions, demonstrations and more, you'll be learning in a fun and interactive way. You'll be learning along side other people like you, as well as health professionals who want to help their patients impacted by pain.

"It didn't even feel like two hours had gone by!"

There is a lot of science and research that backs up The Pain Game, and you'll have a simple, easy to read handout to take home and continue to learn from.

Pain is serious, but that doesn't mean the education and tools to improve it have to be! When you bring a childlike curiosity into learning a new skill, it makes it much easier to learn and more enjoyable!

Danyel has created a safe and interactive environment to ask questions about your pain, and get advice. This support can make a big difference.

After you attend the Rethink Pain Workshop you'll be invited to join this support group so you can continue to ask questions and find ways to improve how you feel.

You Learn Everything Here

You will be introduced to the Rethink Pain Workshop and your instructor Danyel Degenhardt, as well as what to expect. You'll also learn the history of the course and how it can help.

Danyel starts off by teaching you about what pain is, and how it works from a neuroscience point of view. You'll learn how the brain is affected when you experience pain in a simple way using the Triune Model.

You will be introduced to The Pain Game and learn the first step, Pause. You'll learn how to be mindful when you experience pain. This can make a big difference to how you experience pain.

Many people have negative and harmful beliefs about what pain is, and you'll be taught how this can increase pain. Danyel will also provide you with a simple way to Assess to make sure your mind and body is safe.

"Doing nothing is doing something." Ignoring pain simply makes the pain loops stronger. You will learn that the key to Improve is doing something small, consistently. You'll also learn a powerful technique to improve how you feel.

Research on gratitude shows that when you are grateful, it unlocks the powerful feel good hormone Serotonin. When you play The Pain Game, by the time you Nourish you've already Paused, Assessed and Improved how you feel. Danyel will teach you how simply being grateful for playing The Pain Game can make the effects more powerful.

Danyel will demystify hypnosis, and provide a demonstration where all of the participants will have the opportunity to stop their pain quickly and effectively. You will learn how all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and that it's more about how you control your mind than mind control. 

This new understanding will allow you to take what you learned from the demonstration and continue to change your experience of pain in positive ways.

You'll have opportunities to ask question so you can immediately put The Pain Game and what you've learned into practice. You may be surprised at how well it works!

This is NOT ...

This won't cure or fix your pain. The Pain Game is a self-management tool that provides an opportunity for you to improve how you feel. You still have to put the tool to use to get the results. 

Yes, you'll learn a lot. You also get real interaction with Danyel and join our global community of students online. We support and help each other because sometimes you need that little extra help, and that's OK.

This isn't like your old high school history class. No paperballs being thrown around either! Danyel has spent years researching how we learn and how to give awesome, engaging lessons. Imagine the knowledge of Bill Nye, the authenticity of Trevor Noah, and the humor of the late great Stan Lee!

Many physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, carers, psychologists, hypnotists and other health professionals have learned this education and have found their patient's outcomes improve. When health professionals join, this also helps to grow the expertise within our community because there are more experts to support you.

About the Instructor

Danyel was born and raised in central Canada, and then spent half is early adulthood in the East Coast. Here he got his Master's of Physiotherapy and met his soon to be wife Ashley.

They started their lives and Physiotherapy careers together in Northern Alberta, before moving across the world to New Zealand in 2015.

Danyel brought their two cats and dog from Canada, and they are all currently living in sunny Ohope Beach. Other than the Furbabies, Danyel and Ashley are excitingly awaiting their first child due in December 2019.

From an early fascination of the brain, Danyel was naturally drawn into hypnosis and its practical applications within his physiotherapy practice. 

He has developed his self-hypnosis skills to accomplish feats like one hour of Dan Jeon Ho, a horse riding stance with arms held overhead. This was for Danyel to get his Black Belt in Haidong Gumdo, a Korean sword martial art.

He runs the Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Club and has taken the Haidong Gumdo New Zealand Team to compete in South Korea for World Mulimpia in 2019.

A self-proclaimed geek, Danyel also loves comics, technology, and anything Marvel related.

More Than Just Pain Education

The Rethink Pain Course was carefully crafted to help people who are looking to reduce pain from ongoing medical conditions and injuries. It's a collection of the most evidence based techniques for pain management, put together in a memorable way into the self management tool, The Pain Game.

You may think there's nothing you can do to stop your pain. Or perhaps feel you don't understand why your body would cause the pain it does

The Pain Game is a simple and effective way to take steps towards managing your pain, and your condition.

When you attend, you'll also get the huge benefit of becoming a part of our community. People like you who are frustrated with their pain, and scared about what the future will hold. People who have improved their lives, as well as the ones who are working through it with you.

  • Date: Second Thursday of each month (unless otherwise noted)
  • Time: 5:30PM- 7:30PM
  • Location: Pou Whakaaro 40 Te Tahi Street, Whakatane NZ
  • Cost: $25 or Koha given on the day.
    Koha means gift or offering, and it can be any kind of goods, service or money. It reflects your level of income, and the value you perceive in the offering.

    I believe that the information you will receive should be available to everyone. If you do not have $25 to give, any donation will be accepted. Proceeds go to Pou Whakaaro and towards operational costs of the workshop. (The usual cost of the online Rethink Pain Course that provides a similar experience is $49).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pain Game is considered a self management tool.

Let's break down the term. It's considered self because it is 100% done by you, for your self. "You are not your own best therapist. You are your only  best therapist."

Management refers to managing how you feel. In this case it's pain. When you use the tool, it will help to manage and decrease your pain as it happens, and will reduce flare-ups by decreasing the sensitivity of your nervous system.

It's a tool because it's only as effective as the person using it. A hammer is a tool I can use to make some pre-made furniture once every couple months, and I can get reasonable results when I use it. However, a carpenter who trains daily and develops skills using the hammer, will be able to use that same tool to build a house.

The Pain Game is a self management tool that will empower you to improve how you feel, and develop pain management skills that will stay with you for life.

Danyel teaches you principles of pain management, and because of this the techniques will work for any kind of pain.

From experience, these principles work best for people who have pain resulting from long term medical conditions or injuries. That's because the pain is more linked to the sensitivity of the nervous system and brain than damage to tissues. 

That doesn't mean you can't use these principles to manage acute pain or to just live a happier, more comfortable life!

Over the years, many people with emotional pain from trauma or grief have asked if The Pain Game can help.

The International Association of the Study of Pain describes pain as "An aversive sensory and emotional experience..." 

If pain is both an emotional and sensory experience, then it's reasonable to think that techniques for the sensation of pain will also help with emotional pain.

The principles of mindfulness, challenging negative beliefs, neuroscience and showing gratitude may help with emotional pain.

It wasn't the intent of the education and I am not a mental health professional, so I'm not going to say it can help. However, I wish you great success if it does.

The Rethink Pain Workshop was used as a foundation to create the Rethink Pain Course. The content is much the same, but the online Course is provided in a very different way through short videos with Danyel speaking directly to you.

The Rethink Pain Workshop is an interactive group environment. Although the content is the same each month, the stories, experiences and questions that people bring will make each session unique.

Some people have found benefit from attending 3 or more times because it's always a little different!


As long as you credit the Rethink Pain Workshop please use The Pain Game with your patients. Play the Pain Game with your patients and let us know how it helps!

A course specifically designed for Health Professionals is being developed for early 2020, and for more information you can email [email protected].

"I look forward to empowering you to make positive changes in your life with The Pain Game. I know you're going to LOVE the Rethink Pain Workshop!"

Danyel Degenhardt
Founder Rethink Pain Workshop

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