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The Secret...

blog Dec 02, 2019

Do you want to know a secret?

What if this secret could improve your outcomes working with people in pain?

The simplicity of the answer may surprise you!

The following presentation was recorded for the Whakatane Post Graduate Medical Society on Monday October 7th.

In it I tell my story of improving patient's outcomes who have "chronic" pain, and the secret I've learned to help others.

I then describe hypnosis and provide a live demonstration where I helped someone go from 7/10 to 0.5/10 pain with a card trick.


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Credits: (No financial gain is received by the following. I just think they're great!) The first place I learned the principles of...

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Phantom Limb Pain… What Is It And What Can You Do?

blog Nov 06, 2019

(Video Exert From Lesson 2 of Online Rethink Pain Course)

It's not just Halloween that brings the phantoms and ghosts out. Many people with amputations can be affected by phantom pain and sensations all year long.

When someone has an amputation, the part of the brain that represents that limb doesn't disappear. These areas in the brain are called the motor and sensory cortexes. Every receptor on your skin goes into the sensory cortex, and every muscle in your body is activated by the motor cortex.

If your hand is amputated, does the area in your brain that represents your hand magically disappear? No, that “hand” area is still in the brain, but now the brain is confused.

The amputated limb may be gone, but the brain still has to make sense of things and will keep that area active.

One day there were messages coming from the limb, the next day there isn't.

This confusion can cause something called "smudging" in the brain, where the pathways of the amputated limb merge...

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Rethink Pain Podcast Ep 04: Amy Green on Recovery from Low Back Injury Through Pilates

rethink pain podcast Feb 14, 2019


Do you have low back pain or know someone who does?

Odds are you do.

That's because out of all 291 conditions studied in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study, low back pain ranked highest in terms of disability with an estimated 9.6% of the global population affected.

In Episode 4 of the Rethink Pain Podcast, Amy Green is interviewed on how she made a full recovery from a low back injury four years ago. Amy is a yoga instructor, and even with her in depth knowledge of the human body and movement, it still took a year before she returned to full function.

Unable to teach yoga, she talks about how her mental health was affected, and what really helped her during the darkest times of her experience.

Amy found one-on-one pilates, and the support from the health professionals around her to be the most important aspects of her recovery. Her experience inspired her to help others, and now she runs the award winning Mind, Body, Movement Studio.

For more...

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Rethink Pain Podcast Ep 03: James Hazlerig; Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

rethink pain podcast Jan 31, 2019


Have you ever laughed unconditionally for 5 minutes straight?

In today's conversation, Danyel talks with James Hazlerig, the hypnotist and author of "The Little Book of Laughnosis." James takes Danyel through a laughnosis exercise, which is equally powerful and hilarious!

You may be wondering, what is laughnosis? James describes the origins of laughnosis through discussions about laughter yoga and hypnosis.

 James also talks about his hypnosis clinic that has a unique 1-2 combo with a chiropractor, and how treating the mind and body can create amazing results.

For more about James Hazlerig, you can check out his website at 

To purchase his "Little Book of Laughnosis" go to 

You can also check out James' "Laughnosis Online Training Course at

To watch James' live presentation on Laughnosis on February 16th, join the Online Rethink...

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Rethink Pain Podcast Ep 02: John and Danyel on Travel and Pain

rethink pain podcast Jan 18, 2019


In this episode I have guest host and good friend John Morin interview me! Every second episode I will have people on who have overcome, improved or done something to embrace their experience of pain and used it to change their life.

John has his own podcast called Pilgrim-ish where he talks about travelling adventurously, connecting meaningfully, and living intentionally. What you are about to hear is the perfect combination of both of our philosophies.

We discuss my background, how the Rethink Pain Workshop was created, success stories from the workshop and how it doesn't work sometimes, and my personal experience of travelling when feeling pain.

We finish off with one of my favourite techniques from James Hazlerig, laughnosis!

Be sure to check out John's Pilgrim-is Podcast at

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To join the next Whakatane Rethink Pain...

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Rethink Pain Podcast Ep 01: Neil Pearson On Yoga For People In Pain

rethink pain podcast Jan 09, 2019


In the first episode of The Rethink Pain Podcast, I have yoga and pain guru Neil Pearson.
We talk about how yoga is different for people impacted by pain compared to the average, healthy person, as well as many tips and tricks to on pain management.

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Direct Download MP3:


Guest: Neil Pearson at and

Announcer: Evan Degenhardt

Music: Alice Sea & Carlos Riegel Seven Chakra Sound Journey...

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The Enlightened Sword: Getting a Black Belt with Melorheostosis

written blog Oct 08, 2018

Medium read: 10 minutes

The english translation of Haidong Gumdo is The Enlightened Sword. The essence of Haidong Gumdo is shimgum, which is a unification of the mind, body and spirit expressing itself through the use of the sword.

Three years ago I didn't know what Haidong Gumdo was, and certainly not what shimgum was. However, on Saturday, October 6th I had my grading and I am now a Black Belt. I've learned a lot along the way and I've been able to make major shifts to my core beliefs in a way that dramatically improved my life. 

Do you want to know what I have learned? 

Did you realise that you can take what I learned and apply it in order to dramatically improve your life?

Keep reading right until the end because I am going to give you Four Steps to changing your beliefs in powerful ways because changing my beliefs allowed me to achieve my goal.

When I first started training for my Black Belt, I saw this:

"Question: How long does it...

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How my trip changed me

written blog Sep 23, 2018

Have you ever had one of those holidays that changed you?

When you look back on it, you just can't possibly be the same person anymore?

Reflecting on my recent holiday, it has changed me in so many ways. Let me tell you what I learned, because there were many profound moments throughout the trip.

My wife and I spent 5 weeks back in Canada, where we were both born and raised. We have been living in New Zealand for 3 and half years, and this was our first trip back to visit friends and family. 

It was a big deal in many ways. First of all, we had never taken a 5 week holiday! So much planning went into it, and we got so much support from the friends and family that we visited.

Just to give you an idea of the brilliant madness that was our life, we took 7 planes, 2 car rentals, one train, and slept in 13 different places (15 if you include the overnight flights). 

A couple highlights were my brother's wedding, playing video games with friends, enjoying Canada's...

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Whakatane Hospital Grand Rounds: Our thoughts physically change us

video blog Jul 11, 2018

Do you want to see how our thoughts physically change us?

Please check out the record attended Grand Rounds Presentation that was given to a room of doctors, physios, nurses, and many other health professionals.

You'll also get to watch a live hypnosis demonstration where I helped someone stand on a modern bed of nails with a smile on their face!

Warning: This presentation may cause you to rethink any pain you feel. You can't unsee and unhear the content of this video, and it may just change your life.

I've been developing this presentation and live hypnosis demonstration for over a year, and I'm so excited to share it with you. I strongly believe that our thoughts physically change us. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Whakatane Hospital Grand Rounds: Our thoughts physically change us

Until next time, keep livin' and lovin' life to it's full potential,

Danyel Degenhardt


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How to sleep? Pain and overactive mind edition

written blog Jun 20, 2018
Medium length read: 5 minutes
Sleep is a time for your body to heal and repair. What happens when something like pain or an overactive brain stops you from getting a good sleep?
As a physiotherapist, most of my patients over the years have had difficulty sleeping. Heck, even I thought it was normal to take 30 minutes to fall asleep every night. That's until I married someone who could fall asleep in minutes, while still holding onto a book!
For me, it was my overactive brain. I would lie down and expect that my mind would go through the events of the day, and what to do tomorrow. It was normal for me, even if it was a bit annoying.
So what does an overactive brain and pain have in common? Replaying loops over and over again instead of allowing you to fall asleep. Those loops can also wake you up in the middle of the night, and then keep going, and going, and going...
How do your dreams fit into all of this? Well dreams can just be a way for your...
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